Impossible to fish in yo kai watch 3 because of stylust

I can’t fish in yo kai watch 3 because the 3ds have a stylus and its impossible with mouse
Can someone please help me to find a way to get past that (this is my favorite game)
Also I tried using a save data editor and got some fish but the guy keeps on saying to he needs a fish. Pls help

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Move the save file overto your 3DS, get past that point where you need to you the stylus and move the save file back to Citra. Or try to play around with mouse sensitivity settings.

When I made mouse sensitivity high, the thing some times stops and the fish ran away -_-

ist reaaaaaaaally hard,i didi it in 2 hours at 800dpi(sry for my english im Portuguese)

Yes I am also stuck at the no time for fishing quest in yokai watch 2 and by hearing that there’s also a quest for fishing in yokai watch 3 I’m scared cause its my favourite game also !!!:sweat::scream:
Please tell any cheats to get 3 carps and yeah also tell that quest name in yokai watch 3

Please send me a video on how to do that


I give you the cheat code to instant fishing (EU version)

00892B94 E92D4002
00892B98 E59F001C
00892B9C E5141120
00892BA0 E1500001
00892BA4 E3A00001
00892BA8 05040034
00892BAC 059F0004
00892BB0 05840004
00892BB4 E8BD8002
00892BB8 43C80000
00892BBC 6A626F00
0077718C EB046E80

Hope that will help you.

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How does it work exactly??

solo apreta la letra A para que vaya girando pero si cambiaste los controles tendras que apretar al que le cambiastes de la letra a

just tap whichever button you use as a

Is it for yokai watch 2 or 3???

And also tell me where you find these???

2 and 3
I tried it and just tapping the (a) button works the same as the stylus

a mi me cierra citra cuando lo pongo

Can you give me a code? I tried the previous it doesn’t work

Hola como ago lo de poner una tecla para que gire puse el cheat o codigo para pescar pero no se como poner la tecla

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