Impossible to start Citra


i have just downloaded ther last Nightly citra version, I Run citra.exe file, but immediately the screen closes. It’s impossible to start the emulator…
For sure old version of Citra worked, i don’t know why the new version doesn’t start… can you help me please?

Hi have Windows 10, cpu i5 4690K, gpu GTX 970 and the latest nightly citra version

Thank you very much!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

i can’t find the log because Citra doesn’t start at all…

You have to run citra-qt.exe not citra.exe

perfect thanks. I used the installer and checking the Nighty option it installed the latest version i think.

Well, i have a little problem in order to run Super Smash Bors: it requires additional files of the System Archive. I think that i have to put the file shared_font.bin in the path: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Citra\sysdata

I have done it, but i still have the message error. So i need additional files i think but i can’t extract them from my Nintendo 3DS because it isn’t hacked and i don’t ant to hack it with homebrew…
I found on google a package with the folder “user” and inside there are 4 folders:

  1. config: empty (i stil, have my config file)
  2. nand: 2 folders: data and 00000000000000000000000000000000
  3. sdmc: it include the folder Nintendo 3DS, but i still have it im my sdms folder
  4. sysdata: it includes the shared_font.bin file but i stil, have it

So, where can i find the file needed by Smash Bros in the nand or sdms folder?

Thank you very much!

Sorry, but we have a strict NO PIRACY policy. We will not provide support for files illegally downloaded from the internet.

You need to hack your 3DS and dump all required system archives and shared font again.
Please refer to our System Dumping Guide.

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ok thanks

Another question: i want to buy a mini-itx dedicated to emualtors. If i want to play with citra with its maxium perfomance, which are the required cpu,gpu,ram?

I would like to buy an i5 8600 (or i7 8700), a gtx 1060 and 8GB RAM DDR5 2666Mhz. Do you think that it’s enough? Or is it better a gtx 1070 and or 16 GB RAM?


That CPU should be more than enough to run Citra well.

This GPU should be able to run Citra as well, although I’m not sure if it works with the hardware shaders optimization feature of not (it varies from GPU to GPU.).

RAM isn’t really a huge factor, 8GB should be fine.

Speaking about the hardware shaders optimization, in the Graphic tab i leave the default settings:
Enable Hardware renderer: checked
Accurate multiplication: unchecked
Accurate geomoetry shaders: checked
accurate shader JIT: checked

Are you talking about one of these parameters? thanks

I’m referring to the Enable Hardware Shader checkbox.

ok! I discovered that for example in Zelda ocarina of Time it is necessary to disable this option: otherwise there is a little bug at the beginning and the cursor in order to select the FILE isn’t visible.
But it seems that if this option is disabled, games like Super SMash Bros have worse performance (lower speed and lower fps). It’s quite strange…
Here o the forum a user said that _“it depends on the game. With nvidia most game should work with default settings (Enable Hardware Shader checked), but sometimes you need to test what settings are better for each game.”_Remember to try ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ with ‘Accurate Multiplication’ and/or ‘Accurate Geometry Shader’ enabled/disabled."

So i have to try with every game if default settings (Enable Hardware Shader and Accurate Geometry Shader both enabled" ) are ok or not.
Which is the best option in order to have the best graphic effects?