Improve performance or limit FPS


So, a friend of mine can’t play Animal Crossing New Leaf properly. In some parts the game is 60fps, but in others it drops to 30,40.This would not be a problem if the speed of the game was not 60-80% when this happens. So, there’s something he can do to solve this? Maybe some build that works better in AMD CPU or a way to limit the fps in 30 without losing speed?

System Information (it’s his specs, not mine)

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  • CPU: AMD FX-8300
  • GPU: Radeon RX 570
  • Citra Version : Nightly 1234 and Canary 1270
  • Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Try canary-1041 with ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ disabled, however these older builds are unsupported.

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Alright, I will tell him to try it, but there’s a reason to why this specific build may perform better?


It had this feature.


Wow, that’s really cool. Do you know why newer builds don’t have this?


it was kinda explained at the bottom of that PR link.


So, he tried it today but the game won’t open in this build for some reason :confused:


I would think that the FX-series just doesn’t have the single-threaded performance necessary to get over those dips. I don’t know if performance increase is exactly linear, but I think it would stand to reason that looking for a newer CPU with better single-threaded performance would basically eliminate all the dips. It’s the situation I’m running into with my dual Xeon X5675 rig. All the cores (12/24) in the world won’t help on a program that only uses one. And it’s a weak one core, so on Pokemon X, I regularly see things dip to 50% in battle.

Like even the newer i3’s, or even a Ryzen 5 2400G would likely be an improvement. Overall I’d normally lean towards the Ryzens, but you’re already working with a good GPU, WAY more than is needed to run Citra. So I would maximize single-core performance with maybe an 8th gen i3.

But that’s where the Citra veterans will need to chime in. I think thats about a 50% increase in single core performance, and should make the game more stable. But does AVX/2 support also help increase performance even more, or should we really just look at the raw single-core performance…? And again, is the increase basically linear?

I guess the easiest thing to try is to overclock a bit, but with base clock at 4 ghz, even 4.4 ghz would only give you about a 10% increase. Maybe he could see how high he can go without raising voltage? I believe the FX-series had very liberal voltage applied, so he might be able to keep voltage the same and go up a good amount in clock speed. Might be worth a shot. But unless it’s a decent motherboard, I wouldn’t raise voltage much. Could end up in a fire situation.


I’m afraid he doesn’t want to overclock his cpu, I think we’ll just wait for maybe Citra run on low bugdet pcs on the future, thanks for the help.


Can confirm. I noticed it was a bit slower from the last time I was playing DGS in the last October.
Current build is struggling to get 75%, 1041 immediately got to 100% performance even on 2x size!


theres two speed ups that were hacky that were in the builds back then. dunno what DGS stands for off the top of my head, but more likely its related a different hack that was removed at the same time.