Improvement Suggestions

I do have several requests for improvements, I would like Citra not to be reset to 100% volume everytime I restart it. I also changed my Username and birthday in the System settings and restarted the emulator. When I click Rename in Legend of Zelda: Link between worlds. It automatically renames me Citra.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but yeah. I’ve also been testing Ocarina of Time 3D and it runs perfectly but I did get graphic glitches in the items menu’s when messing with the games resolution that cause the game to not show any items.

Sidenote: I am really looking forward to helping the development of this emulator and will try to provide as much feedback as I can with bug reports too. I also really appreciate all the hard work from everyone working on making this emulator better.

You should report it in the citra support buddy

citra currently will input ‘citra’ to any text field that tries to run native keyboard applet, citra lacks proper applet support currently.

about the OoT 3D, you can check ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ and check/uncheck Accurate Multiplication and/or Accurate Geometry Shader, or uncheck ‘Enable Hardware Shader’.
some of those will probably work.

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this is a bug in the audio lib citra uses. you can change the audio sink to sdl2 or just wait for someone to fix the bug in cubeb upstream. (dolphin by extension has the same issue as it also uses cubeb)

turn on accurate shader multiplacation

system software keyboard is not added yet. it automatically names people Citra as a work around until it gets properly added.