Improvements to motion control

Canary builds recently added the ability to use gyro controls for any controller connected with cemuhookUDP, which seems to work great. Here’s a brief demo:

The problem is that this method seems to be incompatible with Steam. I’m not sure about the other controller types, but a Switch Pro needs betterjoyforcemu to work, which hides the controller from windows and seems to break Steam’s ability to connect to it and offer custom configurations.

Steam’s configurations are really important for managing the touchscreen on a controller. I had been using mode switching to use the gyro as a mouse to navigate the touch screen, but the right stick could also be mapped for this purpose. Getting real gyro support is great, but it comes at the cost of losing that kind of mapping ability and making the touchscreen much harder to manage.

Is there any possibility of a workaround that could still allow Steam support? In terms of using Steam alone, it usually utilizes the gyro best by mapping it as a mouse, which would be tricky for Citra to work with since the mouse is also needed for the touch screen. I don’t know if it’s possible to get the gyro data from Steam any other way.

I just wanted to bring this up for consideration… Maybe there’s something I’m missing that can allow both Steam and betterjoyforcemu to work together. Thanks to the developers for working on this and making this progress so far.

Hi there! I am the developer behind BetterJoyForCemu.

I recently added two options to my app configuration file which do just what you asked - the ability to turn off HidGuardian (which BetterJoy from hiding the controller from Windows) and the ability to turn off XInput emulation. When both of these options used, BetterJoy is just used for gyro data for the UDP server and is compatible with Steam.

This is going to be in version 5, which is going to release soonishTM.


That’s awesome, thank you! The touchscreens were great on the original hardware, but they end up being a headache when emulating. Every little bit of flexibility helps.

Here’s the new version :3


I got confused about how to find those options at first, but I figured it out and it seems to work with Steam just fine. Thanks for keeping up the work on this, between betterjoyforcemu and Steam it’s kind of crazy how PC compatibility with the Switch controllers went from barely anything to full support in a few months.