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so i have just set up a new account so i can play multiplayer on pkmn ultra sun and when i try to connect directly to a room it keeps saying incorrect password even tho i checked and the password was correct to investigate even deeper i made another account and did the same and still it says incorrect password. can someone explain ?

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Have you tried another room? Because i just connected to a room and there isn’t any room with password… Atleast for pokemon. If you are trying to play with another friend, just unlist the room and there isn’t any need for pass.

Also, you don’t even need to be registred on citra to use the multiplayer feature, so what accounts are you talking about?

Do you mean incorrect token?
if you do use the citra web service, put your forum username and your token you can find here:

no it just gave me a pop up box called error and it said incorrect password on both accounts

no u misunderstood me i meant that when i try to use the feature on the multiplayer tab called “direct connect to room” you need to type username and password right
every time i try to connect after inputting my password and username it keeps saying password incorrect
i checked and even made another account to see if its my account’s problem but no it still says password incorrect

you would usually use this feature to connect to a private room, correct? if that’s the case, and you want to prevent others from joining your room just create as unlisted and you won’t need a password.

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That’s why i said that if you were trying to play with a friend or even in the same pc, you could just unlist the room and don’t use any password. Since the room in not displayed on the room lobby, you won’t need password to keep people out.

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