Incredible performance!

You folks are incredible.

The Emulator has made such massive improvement since I last looked at it.

I am legally blind and unable to play the 3DS (due to it’s very small screen, it gives me quite the headache) but I can finally play my favorite series again: Fire Emblem.

I have played most of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and the Emulator has not dipped below 95%

I’m running on the current nightly so it may not even be the most optimal build for this and yet I’m getting great performance.

Keep it up guys :slight_smile:


(This is addressing the issue more in general, it’s not strictly related to you)

If you ever find any user interface issues (bad looks at high DPI, hotkeys not working, …) or anything else which helps disabled persons, please report them :slight_smile:
(Also in the ecosystem: website, forums, wiki, dumping tools, …)

Those issues might only affect a small number of people, but I deeply care about Citra being able to making these games available to some disabled users for the very first time. It’s also hard for non-disabled people to find some of those issues because we don’t use similar accessiblity tools / setups and sometimes can’t even grasp / imagine what’s on the market. So if you see anything, even if it’s caused by a rare setup, please don’t be ashamed to report it.

Thanks for your post, it means a lot to me!


Thanks I’m glad to hear that! I’m not usually the kind to complain over visibility issues (They tend to come down the pipe eventually thanks to 4K and the like) as I realize I’m a small minority of the market (No reason to complain at Nintendo for the XL being insufficiently sized for me lol)

I’m running window on 200% scaling currently and I haven’t noticed anything out of whack on the Emulator but I’ll be sure to report any bugs I find.

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