Infinite white screen on SMO

I started playing mario odyssey on yuzu yesterday on vulkan (I have a rx580 so can’t use openGL) and at the end of the desert world after the boss fight I have a white screen that never ends. I restarted yuzu many times and it keeps doing this white screen at this same moment. Does someone have an idea of what could cause it ? For some reason I can’t upload my log file (stuck at 0%), but here is the error code at the end (there are at least 1000 lines of this) :
[ 347.986445] HW.Memory core\memory.cpp:Read:630: Unmapped Read32 @ 0x0037A5E4
[ 347.986446] HW.Memory core\memory.cpp:Read:630: Unmapped Read32 @ 0x0037A5E8
[ 347.986447] HW.Memory core\memory.cpp:Read:630: Unmapped Read32 @ 0x0037A5EC
[ 347.986447] HW.Memory core\memory.cpp:Read:630: Unmapped Read32 @ 0x0037A5F0

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

yuzu_log.txt.txt (735.6 KB)
I shortened it so i can upload it.

yuzu_log.txt.txt (735.6 KB)

Can you try with all mods disabled?

I disabled all mods, i could finish the desert world but I got an infinite loading screen when entering a new zone in the next world (black screen with the turning wheel) and the same error code in the log. Any idea ? It’s not really playable if I must re open yuzu each time I enter a new zone. Here is the log file :
yuzu_log.txt (2.5 MB)

Update to the latest yuzu version and post me a log file of it if it happens again.