Input problem on latest Canary build #798

So, I came home today and updated Citra as I usually do everyday and there was only a Canary update.
After it finished, I went to play Monster Hunter Generations and noticed my Xbox controller had no response on it, and then, when I went to the input settings, the new inputs I was making were looking kinda weird, I will put a screenshot of it for anyone who wants to check out how the new input for the A button is looking when compared to the other old inputs. And also, the “set analog stick” options were not working. In the Nightly build and every other game I tried to play the controller was working fine. Is it happening to anyone else?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

try to restore defaults and configure again.

I also have this problem. Restoring defaults did restore the defaults, but did not allow proper input of the xbox controller. I had to roll back to a previous version in order to get it to recognize the xbox controler.

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I’ve reported this to the Pull Request that I feel might be causing the issue.

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On 799 I was able to reprogram my xbox inputs and it ran. But then the next time I loaded up the game it no longer responded until I once again reprogrammed the inputs.

Also, on the input config screen, I have to press the buttons like 5 times before it registers that I pushed it. And the analog stick input only works sometimes.

But the big thing is that even though it shows the exact same configuration as when I set it last time, it no longer registers the controller unless I redo all the inputs.

I am using and xbox 360 plug in controller.

I have the exact same problem, I’m using an xbox one controller

It shows the inputs but wont work unless I reprogram them again

But it fails to program the analogue stick most of the time

I’m using a PS4 Controller with DS4Windows, and I’m encountering the same issue here.

I’ve updated to 805 and everything. It will recognize button presses, but sometimes I have to press the button several times. And it won’t recognize either of the joysticks at all.

I also can’t seem to figure out how to roll back to a previous version. I grabbed 796 from this page, and ran it, but it had the same problem. I tried deleting all of my Citra folders and just using 796 like a new install, but still had the same problem. Any insight on how I can get a previous version running would be great, I’ve had to use Nightly in the meantime.

either canary 795 or nightly, but prefer nightly while this issue is sort out.

FYI, it seems like the problem is fixed in the latest build. You may have to reconfigure your input one time, but it should work after that.

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