Installation path character problem - ! character is not allowed bug- its valid for all OS patches

i have problem with emulator intallation im used to install all emulator on windows to D:\Games**!Emulators** foder, im using ! character since year 93 to make folder first in directory list - this emulator is saying me on Windows that this character could be used… It could be used on Win/Linux/MacOs everywhere… Fix it!

Citra itself can handle such file paths fine. The installer on the other hand, can’t. The file path limitations are in the Qt installer framework we use, so there’s not much we can do about it. If you need to use your current path, you can manually download an individual build and extract it to there, but I don’t think automatic updating will work.

Its still not working, this needed to be fixed… Its QT installer bug.

CodingKoopa already told you why the developers of Citra cannot do much about this issue.

But if you absolutely must have Citra installed in that folder you might be able to work around this by using a symbolic link.

If you create a symbolic link to that folder and install Citra into the symbolic link, it should work as if you had installed it directly to that folder.

Here’s a guide to symbolic links under Windows:


Normal process is report the bug to 3rd party component, or link that is already reported.

Otherwise component could be just nice, only implementation could be wrong…

I looked through the QtIFW bug tracker, and found this bug that mentioned a AllowNonAsciiCharacters key in the XML configuration. The documentation says that this is a valid key. Looking at Citra’s configuration, we leave this key as undefined. With all of this taken into account, this actually probably is a configuration error on our part.