Introduce yourself to the Team!

I figured, since this is a new forum and thus a sort of fresh take on things, we should also have a topic for new and old members, which could help getting to know one another.

Introductions are the first step to a healthy and long-term working team after all.

So let me start.

Greetings, fellow Citra-Members.

My name is LordBloodySoul. Darklord BloodySoul…

I am a blessed person, who had the delight of living through the “Epic Age of Gaming”, which included the first Arcade salons, the creation of the first home pc, the build of the Nintendo vs Sony empire as well as the developement of the first Emulators in history.

I can’t complain. As a very found follower of the gamers flock, I feel excited to have witnessed its rise to glory.

Outside the web, I work as Webdesigner for a company near Lake Constance and help out voluntarily in a small Arcade Café. My pay is fine and I love helping others. I collect consoles and games as a hobby, which can be rather expensive.

My hobbies are mostly artistic. I like voice acting, singing, composing music, reading and writing novels, traditional drawing and building RPG’s on the RPG Maker. I do love playing video games, too, but that is more of a family hobby.
Yes, my entire family is into video games, too. Dad plays PC, brother is into Horror Games and VR and my sisters and I just love too many genres to count them all in. I own a dog and two pet spiders. Tarantulas to be exact.

I guess that should do for now.

I hope we can get along well, people :3

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