Introducing Automatic Updates


Is it necessary to include two icence here? Screenshot_1
Also I’ve noticed loaw speed while downloading the packages

Not much we can do about the dual licenses. Download speed is dependent on your connection to Github - this doesn’t bypass anything.

Hey, great! But that means there will only be 2 online installer or nightly & canary, rt ? Or we will be able to download the builds manually ?

The installer can install both Nightly and Canary builds, and the manual builds will be still available.

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Someone else have problem with the audio since the installation of this new feature? I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s the problem.

The issue with the sound is unrelated to the installer.

It just happened to be a perfect storm, our build server that builds the Citra binaries upgraded some libraries and that’s cauding the sound issue.

We’ll have a fix soon that will automatically be pushed out through the updater when you launch Citra through the start menu.

We’ll reply to this thread when everything is resolved and pushed out.

You should not put the GPL into the “license argeement” box at all. That’s not how the GPL works! It covers distribution, not installation. “Agreeing” to the GPL is completely meaningless.

BUG !!!

One for Nightly & one for Canary.

Please make a seperate thread for this issue. Thanks!

I’m going to have to disagree - the whole point of displaying the license is to inform the user of their rights in using our software. Regardless of any legal reasoning behind it, it should be there anyway. Further, with the many unofficial builds floating around, we don’t want ignorance to become an issue.

So how i can see release notes of each update now?

The only way to see release notes is to keep track of what pull requests have been merged in our GitHub. Accurate release notes can’t be automated, it needs a writer.

i’m new to citra, i am using ubuntu 20.04 as my distro. But unfortunately I can’t find any updater that is why i am having trouble updating my citra to the latest build. can u please help me? how am i going to do? I installed my citra using flatpak

I’m also having trouble with citra in ubuntu.
How to install it in ubuntu?

Could you lock very old-news threads please?
Every damn time, people posts randomly in random threads about random subjects (did I just say random?) and when it’s a News thread, I get jebaited to click thinking it’s a new feature…

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@RyoSaeba, this thread is all about automatic updates. how can you jebaited when it’s says in the title? you’re just a dumb thinking it’s new features without reading the title. lol

What the hell does that even mean?! There could have been an update to this specific feature situation, for example, autoupdates being disabled for a while to fix something or the whole process being revamped, how dumb can YOU be to not even consider such scenarios…?
I just politely asked if it was possible to close very old threads, so people will stop spamming and bumping 2-3 years old discussions with random questions totally unrelated, there are plenty of similar situations in other update threads, not only this one.