Is citra Android still being actively developed?

I’m a big fan of Drastic on Android, and always looked forward to the day I can play 3ds games on my tablet. Is it still being developed for Android?

Citra’s already been out for years on Android now. So you can already do this :slight_smile:

As for whether it’s still in active development, not specifically. We have some things coming to Android, hopefully soon, but that’s as a consequence of development on desktop. We sadly don’t have a main Android dev to work on the port currently.

I actually purchased the pro version on Google play and noticed compared to what’s out now, the store version hasn’t been updated in a while. I am glad it saved the settings so I could uninstall the older version for latest on this website, but now got to search out the proper group to ask what the difference in settings are between the two so I can cut the choppiness of the audio out. I didn’t think to screenshot them prior to installing new.