Is it good this graphics card for my computer?

I want to buy a graphics card that supports Open GL 3.3 to play with Citra. I’ve a HP compaq 6000 SFF and the PSU on this computer is only 240w. Searching on ebay I found a cheap graphics card NVIDIA Geforce 7200GS - 128MB. Is it good to play Citra? Am I sure that installing the graphics card Citra will plays?

Also ATI Radeon X300?

That hardware is ancient so I doubt you’ll be able to run anything at optimal speeds on it… Besides the video RAM lacking, the processor might hold you back as well.

I think that to run any compatible Citra game you need today’s entry-level hardware, like Intel’s Pentium G series processors or AMD’s Ryzen 3 series (got a R3 1200 myself, managing to run most games perfectly) and a decent GPU.

Searched on the net and found a compatible graphics card: an AMD Radeon HD 6450. If I uprgade my pc with a 8 GB RAM (instead of the 4 GB I have) and the graphics card, have i some possibilities that Citra will run decently?

If not, is it convenient to change the processor?

You might have a chance with that, if you pick the 1GB GDDR5 version of that card. Just don’t expect constant 100% speed in all games.

I can’t found a 1GB GDDR5 version of that graphics card. Just 1 GB DDR3.