Is it possible to patch a 60fps game to 30 fps

i have played ocarina of time and majoras mask on canary builds and it gives me a stable 30 fps with some minor slowdowns on open areas @5x resolution…

i am currently playing link between worlds and i notice that this is a 60 fps game and the only time i get 60 fps with this game is houses because there are a few elements and when i am at hyrule field and in dungeons i currently get 20-40 fps randomly and its stutterring @5x resolution even in native resolution and it doesnt affect the framerate even when i lower the resolution, so i was wondering if i can limit the framerate or patch the game to a stable 30 fps because as far as i know achieving 30fps is much better than 60fps… is this possible? thanks

latest canary/nightly build
i3 4010U @1.7Ghz
Windows 10 1709

Not sure why you’d want to do it. 3DS games are programmed to run at either 30fps or 60fps. Limiting a 60fps game to 30fps will make it run at half speed.

because i couldnt get a stable 60 in LBW so i taught its possible to run it at full speed 30 fps