Is it possible to play MHXX on 60fps?

i’ve seen this guy did it, how? i know he’s using unofficial build, i tried the build he provided but playing on 60fps (200% speed) still double the game speed

is it possible using some kind of hack to slow down the game speed while maintaining smooth 60fps?

Yes, see

Note you need to have v1.4.0 game update for the codes to work.

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how do i check my game version? and how do i update my game? do i just install the 1.4 patch .cia?

You can check ingame at the title screen, the game version will be displayed in the top-right corner, if it doesn’t say anything you are still on v1.0.

Dump the game update by following the guide:
If you want to patch the update you will have to consult the author of the patch for steps how to do it.

Nevermind i did it, finally able to play it 60fps with very minimal fps drop. Im so happy right now

como voce conseguiu? eu tentei ja de todas as formas e nao consigo

How? Could you share the cheat?