Is it possible to transfer rom files from citra to a 3ds?

if I get a new 3ds, can I transfer my roms from citra on my phone to the 3ds?

I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not pirate the games (which is illegal) but asked a friend to borrow their Nintendo 3DS to dump your game cartridges for you to play them on Citra. You can already use the cartridges directly so I don’t see any point doing what you are asking.

Just in case, make sure you have read and understood the rules (especially the first one):

I did actually borrow not pirate them but I don’t have my own 3ds and I would like to get one but definitely don’t have the money to get the games I want so that’s why I was curious about that

I figured it was okay to ask because I actually didn’t pirate anything

Remember to delete the roms or give them to the original owner when you return the game cartridge(s).

Under section 117, you or someone you authorize may make a copy of an original computer program if the new copy is being made for archival (i.e., backup) purposes only; you are the legal owner of the copy; and any copy made for archival purposes is either destroyed, or transferred with the original copy, once the original copy is sold, given away, or otherwise transferred.