Is it safe to dump my system files?

I wanna apologize before hand if this question was asked before but I couldn’t find a straightforward answer.

Is it safe to homebrew my 3DS and dump the system files? or do I run the risk of being banned or cluttering my 3DS with something I may not need afterwards?

Thank you a lot and sorry for wasting any time

You always have a chance of bricking, but if you follow the steps carefully on, you won’t get a brick, since the instructions are noob-proof.

Nintendo won’t ban your console (since the banwave is over for now), but you never know when will it start again.

Thank you a lot my good sir I really appreciate it.

I also find that the guide says even the latest software versions (11.6.0-39U) are hackable too unlike some of the other methods I looked up (the guide in the wiki for example or did I miss something important there?) so it’s nice to know I’m not out because of me starting late.

Citra has come a long way since I first saw it and I can’t wait to try it and maybe be able to help a little :smiley:

The guide you linked is only for Userland access. You could dump system files but it’s not recommended since you’ll need to install CFW (the guide Hexagon12 linked) for dumping your games.

Bricks aren’t likely as long as you follow the guide exactly and as for bans, it’s not clear what triggers it. Just follow the measures the guide says for bans and use homebrew through Rosalina.