Is my laptop compatible

My laptop is gone for upgrade to 64 bit and open GL 3.3. the specs I currently know are the following.
Laptop type:- Sony vaio
Ram :-4 GB
Processor:- Intel i3® gen 3, 3.65 Ghz
Graphics :- Intel HD 4000
I was just wanting to know whether my laptop was compatible for pokemon ultra sun enough to play quite well

I think it would run but be a little slow, you might want to download and test it yourself.

What do you think what is the problem here it’s compatible with Microsoft c++2015

On this graph, your CPU should not score below 1800. I’m not sure what your exact CPU is, but searching for “Intel Core i3-3” there turns up 1,852 at the very most. Your GPU is an integrated Intel GPU, which may or may not be able to run Citra at a playable speed.

That is mostly irrelevant to how it will perform.

Nearly 40 fps or lower ?

It’s hard to say, again the best way to find out is to test it yourself.

Yes your laptop is compatible.I also have Intel HD 4000 oras I get nearly 25-30 fps,in SM I get 20-30 fps,in PMD GTI I get full speed

Difference is that you have opened 3.3 and I have opened 4.0

Just a comment, my laptop has a i5-7200U that scores 1731 in single thread performance, yet I can run Citra at full speed at 4x resolution in Pokémon games, so maybe 1800 isn’t the minumum for good perfomance.

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U can play , but not some games like Pokemon sun , the game may boot , but it will be tortoise slow…

not 40 fps its 2 to 3 fps in mine

What after 2 years… Replay… Lollol

The time for him runs different than us.

i have acer laptop with same specs but opengl 3.3 . When i tick hardware render and gdb it says citra-qt.exe not responding. but when i disable both it runs but at 2fps or 3 fps