Is my laptop doing its best or is it the game?

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Topic above: Is my laptop doing its best or is it the game?

System Information

  • Operating System: win 10

  • CPU: i5-3320m (laptop)

  • GPU: integrated?? (I think I’d know if it had a gfx crd)

  • Citra Version (found in title bar): latest nightly (download from this site last week)

  • Game: kingdom hearts DDD (eur)

  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):n/a on phone rn

    So it runs, cutscenes seem to be full speed but gameplay lags down to 10-12 fps but settles at 20 fps (i assume this is standard for this strangely eur game)

Diagnostic Log
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Can’t get log rn, shouldn’t really need it i think

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

I cannot upload log without considerable effort because my phone is my only internet :zipper_mouth_face:

simply transfer your log file to your phone… or take a clear picture.

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You need to log to tell me if my computer is powerful enough? I refuse to provide something with that much private information so publicly when the info you need is already there! Is this cpu good enough (on integrated gfx) to get speed greater than 70%? Is there some way to set citra to play only on another core leaving the other core(s) to handle gfx? I get the feeling I’m missing something (I’m no coder)

wha… really ?, my dude dev need an info of the log to see if the emulator running fine or not maybe the problem is not your pc specs maybe its your citra that running into some bug or some setting management problem or maybe its your graphic card driver thats outdated, that kind of thing can be found in the log file and my dude the only private information i could think of is the game location and name of the game did you feel endangered by someone knowing that ? and @bio3c just trying to help you here so please you dont need to yell at him with that (!) thing

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You see a single “!” And hear yelling? WOW!!! You should really rethink your standards then!

should my processor be enough to get “full speed” using integrated gfx or not? You don’t need the log to answer that, and the log isn’t going to magically give that answer…

I wasn’t yelling, if you think that was yelling then you’re an oversensative and overactive person who was LOOKING for something to get upset about! I use an exclamation to emphasise my point, what other keys on the keyboard are magical keys that should never be used to you?!

What a lovely first support… Why is a novice poster even allowed to reply to a support thread anyway? I’ve been dealing with emulators since project 64 was a year old and come to this forum to ask a question that hours of googling can’t/won’t answer, just to get treated to this? The only way i have dodged viruses and malware and people having my info when they shouldn’t is being paranoid about posting ANY info like that, my game is my business, my info is my business, my computers details are my business, I’ve already provided MORE info than i think is safe to post publicly (and after seeing someone random reply like that i WON’T be posting a log EVER!)

as @YunZhao70 mentioned the only private information on your log is your username and roms path, which you can remove if you wish, other things like GPU Model, GPU driver version and logging info is necessary for support on most emulation forums, including this one.

Your CPU is “good enough” for citra, although a single thread performance of at least 1800 is recommended, however iGPU’s can be a bottleneck… make sure you have the latest driver available for your GPU installed. (from intel’s website and not from windows update). also disabling ‘Enable Hardware Shader’ may improve performance.

since you don’t want to provide a log i will change category to General.

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This is stuff i already knew, but hadn’t had confirmed, gpu is intel hd 4000.

So there’s no way to just tell citra to run half res or force it to stay at 30 fps and stop the self adjust (because it spikes the processor and then doesn’t stay adjusted(it goes above 40 fps but only on black loading screens)) I’m used to being able to adjust stuff like this manually… And if the igfx is bottleneck (which i also suspected cuz it usually is for me) then my slowdown in game should be heavy vis effects not things like menu switches right?

Prerecorded cuteness are full speed, ingame are 15 fps (50- 60%) speed… Does the res go up in these scenes? Is it loading more than i think to be able to render these scenes? I was under the impression that I should be getting BETTER speed in these in game cutscenes…

nope, though 3DS native resolution is already pretty low.

some games vary from 30 to 60 FPS, most commonly between gameplay/menus/loading screens,
capping to 30 FPS would make the game simply run at 30 FPS when it should be (if the host CPU is powerful enough) playing at 60 fps, so it would play at 0.5x speed.

not necessarily, there could be something on those menus that could be harder to emulate than any other effect in game.

What makes you think that? it may be true for some games on certain cutscenes, but that’s just circumstantial.

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This is true but not what i ment… 30 fps IS full speed until… What? What changes inside that cause the emulator to switch gears, and then switch back to whatever mode it goes into where 30 fps is its cap? This switching of gears is inefficient and spikes a processor like mine into overdrive for a very short time (my processor clocks a 2.6 ghx but “turbo’s” to 3.2)

Is sounding like I’m getting better results than expected… My processor his a 1700 rating single (yes it really is the “m” model not the “U” model) on the single core rating and I’m using igfx, laging down to 50% (thats 15 fps, regularly in-game) being the worst problem (and this problem has NOTHING to do with the “switching gears” im talking about above in theory because it’s just auto adjusting… Right?)

I promise I’m not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand

because I’m running from an outdated knowledge base i guess: if the camera is 90° wide and moving constantly (in game play) is rendering what you see in gfx (yeah?) But the cutscene comes on the camera angle is less 45° let’s say and zoomed in and immobile, wouldn’t this cause an easing up on gfx processing (even if a spike in phys engine while advanced movements and (rarely) collisions are loading)? Now this see-saw of cpu vs gpu is something i can’t see because igfx but should still apply right?(i know my knowledge is possibly outdated, I’ve never worked with the 3ds architecture before)

the game does this on the original hardware, nothing special here. for instance, Pokemon games run a 30FPS in-game and "switch gears’ to 60 FPS on menus. a lot of games have the same behavior.

we don’t know what is really happening under the hood (until someone looks) to see why performance decreases on certain occasions, again, it could be something hard to emulate, a bug…

I had NO idea it did that on original hardware!

I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of a menu element that loads more than, for example, an in game room change, tho i suppose stranger connections have happened (like audio in Pokemon)

Thanks, this discussion has been exactly what i needed, where SHOULD i have started this thread?

Yeah, it seems confusing but that’s just a thing about emulators, high polygon models and scenes, complex shader effects or anything else can run really well while simple things like a menu, in-game UI or audio effect can destroy performance depending on how demanding it is to emulate.

i’m not exactly sure, you had a question alongside with asking for support. the best thing to do is to be objective about what issue you are having, even if it takes a while to formulate.

about performance issues, simple gather info about your performance test, e.g: menus run at 30% speed, in-game runs at 40% speed, cutscenes run at %50 speed. generate a log, provide your system info specs.

that is just what you need to submit an issue, it may be closed if it is found that the performance issues are due to things unrelated to citra and its requirements, but if the devs see as a performance issue that could be solved in the future they may let it open for someone to fix it in the future.

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