Is my processor good enough to run citra at a good speed?

i have four cores and the processor speed is 2.16 GHz
and the name of the processor is Intel® Pentium® CPU N3540

This is like saying ‘I have big engine with 50 HP’.
It may be enough if your vehicle is light and fast otherwise, but it won’t be fun to drive with if your car weights >2 tons.

GHz and core count does not tell you anything about real performance. AMD X6 1090T has 6 cores with 3.2 GHz and is a lot slower than a Intel i5-3340S with 4 cores and 2.8 GHz.

Do you know the difference between logical cores and physical ones (hyperthreading)?

i edited my post. So tell me if it is good enough

Maybe, just test it yourself. It’s not like the CPU burns down if it can’t run Citra.

Also read the FAQ I’ve linked, especially System requirements.

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Cores barely matter when it’s about citra. Citra currently does 99% of it’s work only on 1 core.

I would say your CPU is too slow. You may want to look at upgrading to a much higher clock speed. Optimizations may come in the future.