Is pokemon x or y still having issues for now?


Hi guys, I am just curious about this matter, downloaded them previously but froze as soon as i emulated them, tried replacing the save files but none of them worked. I have googled a lot and most of the responses said there are no working solutions to emulate these roms without problems. So, I would just ask here instead.

Pokemon X and Y citra help us

pokemon x and y is unplayable
Full of lags and bugs.
I recommend you to play a different Pokemon game like ORAS, SM, an USUM


As said before, X/Y are unplayable as of now because of how often the game softlocks. However, the issue has been identified, and a fix is being made.


are already working on fixes ???


It’s not a trivial fix and could take awhile.


Actually, fix requires something completely new to be implemented first, so it’s expected to take atleast a month or so.


I’m so glad looking Citra grow and watching so many people putting there efforts to make it better.You guys are doing very very well…keeep iiittt uuuppp!!!