Is Pokemon X&Y available on citra now?

Is anyone playing Pokémon X&Y on citra? Or they still keep freezing?

Not playable, Check again in one year.

Do you know what kind of problem is? It’s been a long time but the problem haven’t been solved.

things take time. All you can do is be patient. Or do what I did and learn the programming and such and contribute if you come up with new ways that aren’t on the github.

here is a glimpse of what the actual issue is, the thing is that no one is currently working on getting this game to work and that is the reason why you will probably have to wait some time until some one gets to the stuff that is causing it to break.

Apparently we’ll have to wait another year, non?

This topic is actually no longer accurate, the reason why it doesn’t work now is audio related. If you search around these forums, and the game compatibility database, you’ll find more info.