Is the current Windows build safe?

I ran the official build of Citra through Virus Total, and Hybrid Analysis. They both flagged it as containing Malware. I was wondering if this was a false positive or if this current build is unsafe. As far as I know I downloaded it from the official site. Both flagged it as malicious.

Hybrid Analysis is somewhat conflicted over whether or not it is a malicious but flags it as such. Two of the anti virus suites it uses flagged it as malicious. It also said that it has a process that could be a part of a spyware attack, and that it contains indicators of “MITRE ATT&CK” techniques.

Virus Total says that it contains “W32/Kryptik.CJT.gen!Eldorado” this was detected by the Cyren suite. This is a link to the page: “VirusTotal

This is the Hybrid Analysis page:

Free Automated Malware Analysis Service - powered by Falcon Sandbox

I just want to know if these are false positives, and if this program is safe to use.

So long as you downloaded Citra from here: Download Citra - Citra
There is no malware. The installer pulls our builds from our Github page. As Citra is an open source project, our source code is posted alongside every new build. Anyone can view our code if they like. As such, Citra cannot contain any malware: GitHub - citra-emu/citra: A Nintendo 3DS Emulator

If the Citra you downloaded from our site or our github page is getting flagged, then it’s just a false positive from your anti-malware software. You can safely ignore it.