Is the Marriage freeze solved already? FE Fates

Ive had this issue, after the talk to marry a character, the game goes blank, and you cant do anything, ive tried with different citra builds (including the official) and with other versions of the .3ds file
i dont think is a issue with the computer, there are already older posts with the same problem.
Did anyone find a fix besides skipping the whole thing?
This is what appears in the moment Log:

[ 142.814925] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:RegisterInterruptEvents:250: Registered type=2, pipe=3, event_handle=0x0015805D
[ 142.815453] Audio.DSP audio_core/hle/hle.cpp:PipeWrite:181: pipe_number = 3 unimplemented

(The only other Freeze i got was after inviting someone to your house, but it solves itself saving and restarting the game)

PD: I made this post bacuse there is a thread here with this issue, and it claims to have fixed the problem by “changing his username in C:/users” and doing other stuff, that arent specified

This audio issue has been know for long time. A DSP interpreter is being made that will likely fix this though it probably won’t be done anytime soon since it’s being made by one person.