Is there a way to add Spotpass content to Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

Have been wondering about that. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Spotpass could theoretically be supported within a room, but the features involved would have to be Revrse Engineered first, and no dev is currently working on that aspect of the project. This may happen one day, but would be something you’d have to wait for. There is no way to currently do this.

Isn’t all the Spotpass data stored in the game’s extdata? (that’s the case for Pokemon Shuffle at least) If it is you should be able to use this guide to import it from your 3DS into Citra

I think you’re confusing spotpass with streetpass. Streetpass could work since it’s basically sharing data between users while Citra is in sleep mode. Spotpass involves connecting to Nintendo’s online service to receive content.