Is there a way to dump games without risk of brick?

(first time doing this so I’m not sure exactly what to do)
Is there a way for me do dump installed 3DS games without the risk of making my 2DS as good as a brick? I’m really wanting to play Ultra Moon on my TV but 1: its not a New 2DS and 2: its unmodified.

System Information
only important thing is Windows 10

Diagnostic Log

Your 3DS will need to be hacked in order to dump games from cartridges or installed titles. There is a comprehensive for this here. As long as you follow the guide to the letter, bricks are non-existent. And any 3DS models can be hacked whether it be Original or New, or 3DS or 2DS. Once hacked you can follow this guide for dumping installed titles.

You will find better for this at /r/3dshacks or the Nintendo Homebrew Discord as 3ds hacking is outside the scope of Citra support.

so I can assume its impossible to dump the games without hacking my 2DS?

No and I don’t think you could dump your installed games from a friends’s hacked 3DS since they are tied to your 3DS. Cartridges can definitely be dumped from a friend’s hacked 3DS. You’ll have to ask in one of those 3ds hacking communities to be sure.