Is there a way to increase the FPS cap to 60 for all 3DS games without needing a cheat code or patch?

This is due to how some games don’t have a 60FPS cheat code available. I’ve been looking for a 60FPS cheat for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for a day and haven’t found it. So I tried looking in alternative ways to get it because I’ve seen YouTube Videos that claim they play the game at 60FPS HD on an emulator. The only way I know to make the game run at 60FPS currently is by running emulation speed at 200% but it’s speeds up the game which is the unintended experience to play it

Feedback and Help would be both much appreciated

Generally, no. You have to understand that these games were developed for the 3DS, usually with only 30fps in mind. Thus, the game engines used were not designed to be able to support 60fps in most cases. That becomes a hard limitation when looking at making 30fps locked titles into 60fps ones in emulation.

Pretty much all of the games that can “unlock” 60fps, even if they run at 30fps on the 3DS, are titles whose game engines already supported 60fps. Thereby, the patches don’t need to do anything fancy, other than change a part of the game’s memory at runtime, to get them to run at 60fps.