Is there any way Citra can emulate Pokémon X without freezing after into or after receiving starter?

Citra always freezes after intro or after receiving starter. If I use a save file after receiving starter then it would freeze after Pokemon levels up? So is there any way Citra can emulate Pokémon X properly?

Pokemon X and Y are currently very broken, so i would suggest not trying to emulate it unless you’re willing to endure frequent crashes.

Is any older version of Citra able to emulate them??

No, they’re unstable on all versions of Citra.

Whenever I try to emulate 3DS Pokémon game, I get a HUGE string of errors! I don’t know how anyone could get them to start.

open up a new thread for different issues please, providing all the details needed

also read the FAQ i believe you will find the answer there

Someone know if Pokémon X are correctly running now ? Or is completely impossible run it on Citra ?

Test yourself from time to time or use our compatibility list

Apparently some members of the Citra Community thingy are trying to fix it. For the moment you just play over and over again each time a tiny bit further into the game. It’s really frustrating, but eventually it’ll be solved. In about a year Pokemon X will probably run since by now technology is more advanced then back then so an “old”-ish game like X (or Y) will probably run, maybe not smoothly, but at least not freezing every four seconds. Nothing we can do about it now, though.