Is there still room for improvement on citra?

Hi guys, I’ve been following the progress of the emulator for about a year and a half,
I want to thank you and congratulate you for the progress achieved so far, it is really impressive. I have an old laptop with an intel pentium N3530 and no dedicated gpu, so I have to use the one on the processor.
Although I still can not play pokemon games (One of the nintendo´s sagas that I played and enjoyed when I was a kid) at a decent fps, with the hardware renderer update I do see an improve in performance, but it´s not enough for my old laptop (I know it´s not the best pc for emulation). Anyway I just wanna ask if there is still room for performance improve in citra and if you are planning to work on it any time soon. I’am very grateful for your work. Excuse my english, it´s not my native tongue.

emulators always have room for improvement, just look at dolphin who are improving their emulator for over a decade, i think you can still play games at a good fps if the compatability of the game for citra is perfect and great for example ocarina of time and majoras mask 3d, megaman legacy collection new super mario bros 2 etc.