Island scan points?


there are anything to make island points ? PKHEX has the ability to give points?


I think PKHex can’t give island points, but citra can emulate 3DS camera, with webcam or static image.

For QR code (Auto experience) I indicate for you to use a static image, only go to Emulation>Configure>Camera, and set a image with one QR code for test, you can did two things with one QR code, get one Magearna code here (note: you need beat the Elite 4 for use Magearna code, but you can set a base image for past other QR over this QR), create a backup for Magearna QR, and configure you Citra camera to one Magearna QR, configure to rear camera, Island Scan use rear camera, not front, after you save, and run your game, and go to QR Scanner, probably you QR code can’t be read cause is out of square.

Close QR Scanner, won’t need close the game, open your QR image (the image you configure to Citra) in Paint, and edit for try read the QR, save, and re-open the QR Scannet, look if this can read the QR, when this can read, you can download all QR codes from Sun & Moon here, and for Ultra Sun & Moon here, you can’t edit those QR codes cuz Citra don’t support .jpg format, you will need to capture the QR code, I recommend ShareX for this, take a screenshot of only the QR code, and paste over Magearna QR code you are edditing, save the image, and go to Scan this, congrat, now you can Scan all QR codes!

I hope help you! :purple_heart:

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Ah… I don’t expect the process to be so incredibly complex.
The imageformats thing is going to be added in a PR.

configure to rear camera, Island Scan use rear camera, not front,

Hmm. Looks like many people misunderstand the configuration widget. I guess I don’t make it clear enough, but please see this and this for details…

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Is there any way to do this on Mac? I can’t seem to get to ‘Configure’.