Issues with submitting new games to the game compatibility list

I’ve been attempting to add new games to the game compatibility list on the website. After sorting out everything, the only problem I’ve had is with uploading screenshots. I’ve made sure they’re all PNG files, and followed the directions given. But still encounter an issue that I can’t seem to find a solution to. Every time I go to submit the game, it tells me that the screenshots are an invalid size. And it seems that no matter what size I make the images, I can’t get passed the validation error. Does anyone perhaps know how to fix this issue? Or is it something impassable? Has anyone else even encountered this problem?

Nevermind, I managed to figure out the proper size for screenshots to be! Screenshots must be 400x480, and not a pixel off, or else it will be invalid. Wish there was something on the FAQ that tells you the exact size, since it would be much easier to follow than the instructions they give. The only reason I figured it out myself is from looking at the sizes of screenshots for other game titles on the compatibility list. I would’ve never known otherwise. Figures that all my screenshots would be only a pixel off, though. :expressionless: