Its crashes when I catch a pokemon (in Ultra Sun)

Hey,I love to play pokemon games,but its crashes when i catch pokemon and its very anyoing…Can someone solve my problem?? Imagine i got a shiny pokemon but when i catch it bummmmm a crash isnt it so anyoing huh?

Upload a log: How to Upload the Log File and fill in the template that you removed:


Well,my english is bad and I don’t know anything in pc.But I got my log file and I download citra yesterday if system information is a must ill try to find (I catch a magikarp first and its non crash but after this i catch another magikarp and i got crash again)

I played yesterday morning I make my update and i can catch a pokemon but in night i see another update when i do that crash come again

omg!! I can’t take poipole becouse of this crash im gonna be mad