Japanese games arent tested either

I have an American 3DS because Im American and live in America.
I have a European 3DS so I can play European 3DS games since there English speaking European countries.
I have a Japanese 3DS so I can play Japanese 3DS games that have an English option.
The few that I have tried arent tested.
Im not a developer so can someone Please test European and Japanese games and not just American games.

It’s not that those games aren’t tested, it’s that our database is currently having some issues with uploading the data for non-american region versions of games unfortunately. Though you can sort of assume that the compatibility will be largely similar to the American versions.

As for Luigi’s mansion 2, this game, whilst performance is bad, is fully playable as far as I’m aware. Though, in order to get playable framerates, it’s best to set the emulated CPU Clock Speed to around 25% in Emulation>Configuration>System (Citra>Preferences>System if on MacOS)

Before I deleted it because I saw that the performance is bad through trying different settings with the opening and the beginning of the game the setting I ended up with were -
emulation speed unthrottled , enable linear filtering , texture filter off , 3d steroscopic mode off , I left the advance graphic options set at their default option except I turned vysnc off , HLE(fast) , output engine auto , enable audio stretching , audio device auto.
With the clock speed I started at the default speed of 100% and worked my way up to 400%
Then I set it to 0 and started to work my way up.
When I was working on the clock speed I gave up and quit and removed it from citra when I saw that it was listed as bad.
Where and how do I find -
Emulation>Configuration>Graphics>Advanced Tab

Ah, my bad. You can find the CPU Clock Speed in Emulation>Configuration>System
I’ll edit my original post.
By the way, you should leave the rest of the settings at their default settings. You can reset your settings in Emulation>Configuration>General.

No its not your bad there is nothing for it to be your bad