Joycons battery drain? sleep?

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The battery statur LED of my joycons is ON all the time.
This means they are constantly draining their battery, right?
Should I manually turn them OFF (pressing the pairing button)?
They won’t go to sleep on their own at some point, right?

Excuse my ignorance.
Thanks for your advice.

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Try turning off bluetooth on your pc.

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yes, Nintendo controllers do not have a hardware auto-shutoff function. Unless you are using ds4windows or betterjoy with auto-shutoff configured in said software the controllers won’t auto-shutoff. You have to quick-press the sync button to switch them off. Then you can just press one of the buttons to wake it up again later.

Like Golden mentioned, breaking the connection works as well i.e. shutting down the pc or turning bluetooth off.

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Thanks a lot :blush:
Both of you :pray::+1:t2: