Just a little question about Kingdom Hearts dream drop distance speed and fps

Is it normal i have about 37-40% speed and 15-20 FPS?

The speed is currently determined by your CPUs single-core performance. If you have less than 1800 on this graph, you won’t get full speed in Citra.

Personally, I can play this game with solid 30 FPS and couple frame drops here and there with a Intel i3-6100.

I have this

CPU: N3350 @ 1.10GHz 1.10 GHz
GPU: Intel ® Ceberon ®

i didn’t find it on the graph


Single Thread Rating: 760

You will never get full speeds on Citra with this CPU. Usually, laptop CPUs aren’t good for emulation.

great --’’ my previous computer was better.

Can you (or someone else) tell me what should be the minimum required CPU to run citra at full speed?

The minimum CPU that can run demanding games on Citra is a desktop CPU that has more than 1800 on the graph I linked above.

yeah i read that but could you give me an example like what i linked for my CPU?

I can’t give you a example, because various CPUs cost various amounts of money. If you have any questions about buying a CPU, please write me a PM instead, since that is off-topic for these forums.

okay thank you for this