Just a post to say thanks

This is going to be a little long.

So, a few months ago, i started a playtrough of ORAS with my brother, both using Citra. But the biggest problem was, we only have one computer good enough to run the game. So what did we do? We both started a playtrough on the same computer, on the same screen, at the same time. I played with a controller while my brother used Keyboard and Mouse, i did a bunch of crazy stuff in order to hear the audio of my game in the computer that is right on the side, Multiplayer worked surprisingly well, like, really REALLY well. Okay, but you all probably know what to expect out of this:

Lots, and lots of lag

It wasn’t that bad to be honest, but it was certainly a bother, especially in places like Rustboro City. Even with the lag, we still got through the entire game, including the Delta episode and a bit of the post-game. The lag was bad, but it didn’t ruin the experience, we still had lots of fun.

But why am i making this post? Well, first i want to say thank you Citra team, for all of the effort you put into this emulator up until the point we started our playtrough. As i said, the lag was bad, but if you weren’t as active as you were up until that point, or if you outright stopped development on the emulator, it would’ve been much worse, to the point where we wouldn’t play this game on Citra at all.

But now, i want to talk about one of the most recent features added to Citra, the GPU setting. Everyone here probably already knows what it is, so let me just skip any explanation: THANK YOU! This is probably the best thing that happened to this emulator since i’ve ever started using it. The perfomance boost is absolutely massive and made the game run much faster.

I previously tested it with a single Citra window running, and tested specifically on a place that used to be one of the most laggy (Rustboro). When it was on CPU mode, the game was running on 23 fps, but switching to GPU made turned the Max Fps into 40 or something, which exceeds the maximum speed of the game. This means the game was running Full Speed while on what used to be one of the most laggy locations!

But of course, this raised the question, what about two windows, like it was when we were playing together? I tested it.

100% speed, it ran smoothly like it was supposed to be.

So once again, thank you, for making this emulator even better than it was before. Seriously, it isn’t that far from the time we were playing this, and it’s already running much better. So once again, thank you for all the dedication and effort put into this software, for not giving up, and giving a great tool to everyone that wants to use it. Without this dedicated team existing i have no idea of what 3DS emulation would be like.

tl;dr: We played on the same computer at the same time on the same screen, it lagged, but it lags no more, and now future experiences will be much smoother. Thanks Citra team!