Just Curious What This Error Means


GTX 1060
Windows 10 Pro
8GB DDR4-2400

This line of code was repeated about 20 times (over the course of 15min or so) while I tried to play Kid Icarus: Uprising:
HW.GPU video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_shader_gen.cpp:SampleTexture:206: Unhandled texture type 1

I can’t play more than 15min of Chapter 9 without the game crashing, and this showing up:
[1149.753088] Kernel core/hle/kernel/handle_table.cpp:Create:28: Unable to allocate Handle, too many slots in use.
[1149.753451] Debug core/hle/result.h:operator():397: Assertion Failed!
Tried to Unwrap empty ResultVal

Just curious if anyone knows about a solution avoid the game crashing with this error message?

Fill the template information before asking for help, there is no way to help you with so little info.

Is this the template you are referring to?

“When asking for support, please always provide the githash - located in the title bar of citra’s GUI - your full PC specs (CPU, RAM, GPU, Operating System), any relevant settings, and detailed information on what you are attempting to do (such as what game you are trying to run). Ignoring this rule may result in your thread being locked.”

The program force closes within a few seconds, making it extremely hard to copy the entire console. :confused:

First off, Kid Icarus is still unplayable on latest Canary and Nightly builds, so you are using a unofficial build, which we don’t support here. That error message could be caused by the changes that the unofficial build creator did.

video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_shader_gen.cpp:SampleTexture:206: Unhandled texture type 1

This particular line sounds like it’s about cubemap textures, you can try the software renderer to see if it disappears. However that’s unrelated to the crash, as others have mentioned.