Kasaski's Shin Megami Tensei IV HD Texture Pack! (WIP)

Here’s my in progress SMT IV HD texture pack

  • This is a work in progress, and there may still be many unfinished textures. I’ve decided to release it as I think its currently in a good state to be used when playing.

  • Please feel free to make any suggestions or contribute any improvements you’ve made yourself! Doing this alone takes a lot of time so any help is appreciated! I have tried to keep the pack fairly organised so any files you wish to modify should be easy to find.

  • Textures are 4x default scale, textures were upscaled using waifu2x-caffe

  • Most UI has been upscaled manually as the results look much nicer than AI upscaling. I’ve tried my best to preserve the original look the developers had, such as any pixel-art icons. Font’s are still a little janky but i cannot find a way to generate the ones this game uses easily. Ive used the Trueno font as it matches the original font nicely. Only the English Alphabet has been fixed, the japanese characters are still using the waifu2x results. If anyone knows how to generate font textures used in this game please let me know.

  • Armor is complete, Please tell me if I missed any. :slight_smile:

  • Conversation spites are very Incomplete. I have most of Isabaue, Walter, Jonathon and Navarre as they are relatively easy to dump. Other characters not so much as i do not have saves to access them.

  • Compendium Demon textures are complete. These are the ones you see the most, such as when you’re viewing their stats. They can be improved, see below.

  • Conversation demon textures is 90% complete, I’m missing about 40 demon conversation Textures as my script to dump them through citra would sometimes lose sync. I am not sure which demons these are, so any help dumping the ones I’m missing would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:. I also Intend to use these higher resolution textures to improve the compendium textures, but that has to be done manually as they are slightly different, I’ve completed ~60 so far.

  • I am missing a lot of the 2D backgrounds. Again, any help dumping these would be great.

  • This was Built using the EUR version of the game, I have not tested it on the USA or JP version as i do not own them. please let me know if you have any issues on those.

  • I will not be working on environment textures (3D stuff) or super low res sprites used while battling and sometimes in conversations. AI Upscaling does not yield good results with the sprites, and the work required to do them manually is too much for me. Honestly, the default 3d textures look good as they are, any upscaling on these is hidden by the blurry filter the game uses anyway.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Support me: https://www.patreon.com/kasaski

Change Log


  • Initial release

Video: https://youtu.be/UefZGy5ZcLE (heres one with sound: https://youtu.be/tfZBCuxBBJ0)

Here’s a Frame compare to show some of the improvements I’ve made, both are being rendered at 4x native resolution

Install Guide

  1. Install Citra

  2. Download the Pack Below

  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file into the custom texture file for SMT IV. You can reach this location by right clicking on the game in the citra game list and selecting " Open Custom Texture Location"

  4. In Citra change you graphics settings to allow loading of custom textures. To do this go to Emulation drop down > Configure > Graphics and check the “Use custom texture” check box towards the bottom. To prevent stuttering i also recommend enabling “Preload Custom Textures”, this will make loading and restarting the game take much longer though.

  5. On the same page, I recommend increasing you internal resolution to 4x or higher, i have the best results at 4x.

  6. Enjoy! :smiley:

Size: 847 MB


Great work! Would it be possible to replace the corresponding textures in SMTIV: Apocalypse and plug and play?

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Logged in for the first time just to thank you for making this. Honestly you’re a fucking legend my dude.
You should try and get a team so u can work on the other games on the 3ds. Reddit and GBAtemp has a lot of people that are working on similar projects to this. Either way this pack is amazing! Thank you :3

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Unfortunately, the way citra handles these textures will require me to pretty much completely redo things like the demon textures, which took the most time. Theres the possibilty of me being able to reuse some fonts and other ui stuff as that is fairly easy to dump. Not making any promises but ill see what i can do :smiley:

Honestly even a small patch just for the UI would be amazing. I love playing with a font that doesn’t look pixelated as all hell, makes the visual novel-esque experience a lot better. Thank you tons!

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I just started playing this the other day before stumbling onto this. About 4 hours into the NA version it seems to be working good. I’ll update with issues if I see any playing through the NA release. Also, thank you so much for your work. The fuzzy UI was driving me crazy and the rest is fantastic too.

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Oh wow, that’s gorgeous. I did your patreon!

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About half way through the US version without a single issue. Probably safe to mark as okay for use with any version. I’ll update once more when my run is finished.