Kasaski's Shin Megami Tensei IV HD Texture Pack!

Yeah, it’s normal thing

Hey lopsho, if you want to disable texture pre loading, you can disable “Preload Custom Textures” where you enabled custom textures, but it causes the game to get really stuttery.

As for textures, any textures I still plan on manually recreating are actually already included in the texture pack. At the moment they are AI Scaled, you can tell which is which due to the AI ones looking weird with letters. Most are UI textures under the “Misc” folder . If you plan on working on any UI stuff, I previously linked the font I use to another user in these comments. As for recreating icons, if they look intentionally like pixel art, please keep that style, otherwise just keep the general design in mind.

Any textures I havent included, I havent been able to dump, these are mostly background or conversation sprites, but i should have most of those now thanks to Merkava. The rest dont really benifit from being upscaled due to the 3d graphics filter the game has (usually 3d environment textures).

Thanks for being interested! Any help is really appreciated! At this point I’ve become less involved and this pack has become more of a community effort and im really happy to see that, as i dont have all the free time i used to have.

Oh, I will look into it :slight_smile:
I really like that pixelated style of some of the icons, will try to mix crispy HD stuff with retro-styled ones.

I had some free time recently, so I modified some of my icons (I made a few mistakes, like thinking the steps icon was exclamation marks) and added a few ones.

(edit: a few little icons more)

I also tried to do a HD version of the cloudy background that appears in the touchscreen after opening the game menu, but for some reason the texture still shows colorbanding (the 3DS applies a filter or something?) so it’s pretty useless.

Why are there some question squares marks in tex1_512x512_9DB25F14CE7CFF1C_2 ? Were there in the original texture? Maybe I’ll redo later… do you have the original demon portrait textures ripped? The big portraits, from their profiles? I would prefer to use the native big textures instead of the ones upscaled with filters

By the way, the latest Canary build breaks the custom texture feature (at least in my W10-RTX2060 laptop), so I recommend you don’t update for a while


Ok, my first small contribution. I went through Misc folder and remade some of the textures that were there, I also made all the orange prompts with the same lettering (same spacing between letters, so they won’t overlap). Unfortunately, I can’t test these textures, so I’ll just leave them here. I hope all of them work as intended, but I think on some of the orange prompts mine are like 1 pixel higher, I wasn’t sure if that would mess anything up, so feel free to test it.

Almost forgot, here is the Figma Project, it’s VERY VERY messy, but maybe it will help with fixing my textures. The layout is horizontal. On the left is original texture, on the right is remade one.

I’ll add two more. I had done a few more, but those have already been published by Lopsho (it’s not a big deal).

(Edit: Updated the checking texture because one of the squares was 1px off)

I think it would be better to do a spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets with the textures that are being worked on by someone and the ones free to be remastered so this won’t happen again.

Edit: Oh my, sorry for writing this post in Spanish yesterday… I was so tired I didn’t notice what I was writing.

Heyy I just download the your HD Texture Pack but the game doesn’t start for some reason. I downloaded the USA version with DLC pack. The game works fine without the texture pack. Can you please help me with this ?

Amazing work, it’s a shame you haven’t be able to keep supporting it but nonetheless great work, and thank you! Also thanks to all contributors, you guys are also amazing.

Incredible work. Never thought anyone would care enough about this game to give it this kind of treatment. My only complaint is the spacing on the font, it’s a bit distracting. Comparing the font to the original side by side, I think you did find one pretty close actually. But I think it would probably be better if it was in bold. Might make the letters feel a bit stronger and match the original even more, as that was also in bold.

Wait, so am I supposed to extract the folder “SMTIVHD” to the custom textures location, or the contents of that folder to the custom textures location?

Hello. I have been trying to get the pack to work for 2 days, but I am experiencing bugs.

The game starts, textures load and display, etc. At first glance, there is no problem.

But quickly I run into some texture bugs (which don’t exist when I play with third-party textures disabled). Burroughs menu disappears. Images of demons are reversed (the image of the Centaur appears instead of that of Flynn in combat for example).

Is anyone having the problem?

I am on the latest Citra nightly build. I have an Nvidia 1660 Super card. And I activated x4 upscaling.

One thing to keep in mind is to not use any texture filters in combination with custom textures.

does the black box during critical attack deaths have something to do with the way demon spirites work in this game? are there any plans on fixing the black boxes?


This game uses static partially transparent overlay textures (similar to a film grain effect) in several areas that look pretty ugly when the game is upscaled on Citra. I replaced them with blank transparent textures to remove them. This should make the graphics more clear, just place this folder with the other custom SMT IV textures you have.

Here’s demonstration of what this does: https://imgur.com/a/rF8Lgma

Where exactly does this need to be pasted? I’ve tried putting them inside the Misc folder and the custom SMTIV folder but in both cases I still get the black boxes.

It should work as long as it’s in the custom textures folder. This doesn’t fix the black boxes when killing enemies, that’s an emulator issue. This gets rid of grainy overlay texture used in the environments that doesn’t upscale well and hurts visibility.

Very late response but thanks for the great addition, I’ve added your link to the main post :slight_smile: