KH DDD Low FPS In Certain Areas?

Hello! I’m currently using RetroArch to use Citrate since it already has a preset controller key binding that’s available. RetroArch’s OTHER cores are working perfectly fine but I’ve noticed with Citrate in Kingdom Hears Dream Drop Distance, there are a few audio crackles and low FPSes when there are a ton of things on screen. I’ve played DS games, game cube games, my laptop can even run the resident evil 2 remake at 60 FPS on medium settings. I have a Toshiba Satellite S55 Series, Intel Inside Core i7-4700MQ 2.40 GHz. I saw another poster saying that any processor with under a 1800 single-core performance is not able to run Citrate at full speeds but according to the graph the poster posted ( I have 1,815 which should be enough to play it or at least only get low FPSes when dealt with way too many things on screen.

Could this be a retroarch problem or is it something else?

it may drop frames on even beefier desktop computers. “too many things on the screen” is not all that important for better or worse performance, a single effect can tank fps (MHX’S astalos). does that also happens on normal citra canary/nightly builds?

I’ve only ever tried on the Norma Canary nightly build on retro arch. When I get back home. I’m going to try and download the actual canary application and see if that helps any.