Kid Icarus better

well im not sure where to post it but im Pretty sure its been better using Canary version…

-using Nightly is like a Bad to me since it was going from 50-15 FPS and many sound glitches.
-using Canary Version was Great! it was working on 100 FPS and rarely drops to 80 FPS which is GREAT!!!

soooo ye,
feel free to create a server and play Kid Icarus online, trust me its a cool game i was playing those last years of child hood.


I just found out today that Kid Icarus is working now, and I am excited to replay the game with improved controls.

How are you playing the game, I have a problem with the mouse coursor not wrapping around the botton screen, making especially ground controls difficult.

hm? thats weird… i was playing kid icarus for the last month and the only problem was how low the frame rate was…
sure you didnt add one of those files online in citra’s folder???
for real i never had any problem with the game play

Everything works fine except aiming, I don’t know how to properly lock the mouse cursor to the bottom screen. Therefore I always run out oft screen space to move the coursor around and need to reposition it.

Did you have this problem too and did you find a solution?

Btw performance is now much better I have the game only stuttering at shader compilation.

nope… sorry but never got any problem like that