Kid Icarus Uprising is working nearly flawlessly now

Kid Icarus Uprising is working perfectly for me running at a smooth 30 fps on the latest citra emulator. This is exciting, i’ve really been wanting to play Kid Icarus again and now i can. i’ve noticed almost no graphical errors either. It went from barely starting to fully playable, emulation sure is something.
PC Specs:
Intel Core i3-8350k CPU 4.00GHz
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
8GB Ram

Are you on Nightly or Canary?

Nightly, version #1001

i tried in canary and looks well but the text is unreadable, because the previous text dont get erased and every text is on top of another,

Nightly works great, maybe im just lucky with my emulation

The text issue can be fixed by enabling Accurate Multiplication in Configure -> Graphics.
(credit: NarcoleptiK)

yeah it fixed the text but crashed my citra , i have to upgrade my video card

hows it working now? Does it still crash after a certain time.

From what I’ve played, no it doesn’t, there’s a couple minor dips in fps but the game is very much playable