Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance


I was wondering, does Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance work with Citra yet? I’d love to know a few info regarding this, since I’ve been trying to make it work for quite some time now. Thanks.

that was a couple of months ago tho, so it might have been improved since then

That’s why I’m asking, I’ve seen such videos, but I really need some help setting everything up :frowning:

what is the issue then?

Before I go on, I gotta tell you I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to Citra.

Alright, so I’ve downloaded the emulator, trying to boot the game and a note pops up, saying that it requires shared fonts. Other than that, I hear some cracking sounds, but there’s no visual at all.

By the way, Citra runs .3DS files, not .CIA, right?

Dump the home folder from your 3DS.

Yes, Citra currently does not support .cia files.

How do I actually do that? I’ve read something regarding this procedure in another page on this site, but I can’t really seem to understand it. Also, my 3DS is a bit dysfunctional, hence why I tried this emulator.

Is it necessary to dump the home folder from my 3DS? And, if so, can someone try to explain to me how I do that? I hope it’s not as hard as I perceive it…

Some games require you to dump certain files from your 3DS. Please refer to our System Dumping Guide.

I already have, the thing is I’m not sure if my 3DS does have a Homebrew Launcher- how do I figure that?

Yes, silly questions I know, please bear with me.

You would most likely already know, if you did have it setup. Everything you should need to know to get it running is here.