KingdomHearts 3D freeze on intel hd 4̉600,intel hd run citra better than amd

System Information

  • Operating System: Windows 10 pro 64 bit
  • CPU: Intel core i5 4590T
  • GPU: intel hd graphics 4600 and PowerColor RX 560
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Nightly 1319
  • Game: Kingdom Hearts 3D
    Hi everyone
    I want to report :when using intel hd graphic 4600 in certain parts of the gameṣ like the introduction cutscenes(had to skip as soon as possible or it will freeze) , a few areas of traverse town I experienced some freezing issues , like in the picture , the game stay like that but I can hear and know that the game is still running , I still running around , hitting the attack button , the sound still there like nothing happen but the games just look like this picture below , i can’t swap screen , nothing i can do that made the game run as before the problem occurred.
    I 'm still at the beginning of the game so idk if this happen later too

    Also when I swap to the intel hd I notice that a lot of games actually run better than with the 560,maybe not that perfect but still better and I feel that the hardware renderer option actually helpful and doesn’t slow down the games in some case like with the 560, this happen to Kirby triple deluxe, Planet robobot , Kingdom hearts 3D , Mario&Luigi Dream team , (other Mario&Luigi struggle a little bit too but very playable with not much problems like this one) , Super Mario 3d Land , all of those games work “perfectly” with the iGPU ,on the AMD they seem to go slow motion when there is a lot of things around, except for Metroid Samus Return , Orcaria of Time , Rayman origin work perfect with the rx 560 with everything turn on.
    I don’t wanna blame anyone even the gpu ,it just that citra work so bad with AMD.
    Will there any improvement for the AMD in future update?
    Planning on getting a cheap used gt 1030 cause it seem any nvidia gpu work the best with opengl (and keeping the RX 560 of course I love this card)
    Sorry for long post and bad English.


In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

The only improvement that can improve AMD GPU’s performance on citra side so far is this, which may take a while to come back, and it only improves some games.

Citra may perform better on linux (better amd opengl drivers) but it may also perform worse on some games.

A cheap GT 1030 may be the best option here.

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Overall the improvement for AMD that would help is to make the step to Vulkan instead of OGL. AMD won’t fix their OGL drivers as in not much software using it these days. I tried asking AMD everywhere I could, but then they say it’s not broken or they don’t want to fix it due not much software using OpenGL and thus isn’t worth the manhours to fix it. I still want to keep using AMD myself though due to them being a whole lot cheaper then Team Green or Blue :slight_smile:

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well slap a used gtx 750(non-ti) 2gb which was properly 3 times better than a intel hd 4600 and the slow-motion experience I got in Kirby triple and robotbot, dream team were minimal and no problem whatsoever, but kingdom hearts 3d seem run worse than compare to the intel hd 4600,with native resolution it run fine no freeze no slow,but with resolution x2 and above it slower than the intel hd 4600 , why is this happen? is there anything I can do to run better with higher internal resolution ? cause the native hurt my eyes a little

Does your intel GPU also loses performance with higher resolutions? understand that intel/nvidia/amd drivers and overall GPU design are different, one may perform better than the other on some occasions or due to missing features one may skip altogether rendering a specific effect thus “performing” better by doing so.

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yes it does, but I was expect the gtx 750 to dish out more performance than the intel hd 4600 since it better overall,i mean the igpu can run at full speed with just a little 1 frame dip here and there but the gtx can only run at native,anything higher than that run slower than igpu even with just x2 internal resolution:frowning: bet I just disappointed:rofl::rofl::rofl:
thank for answer me
so there really nothing I can do to get more performance with the pc and nvidia setting ?:thinking: , if not then I just play as native then :joy::joy::joy:

not really, its nothing wrong with your setup, you just have to wait for more optimizations, for instance citra would run better if you had a better processor but still it may not run fullspeed or run stutter free…

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