Kirby Fighters 2 consistently crashes when it tries to load the title screen no matter what I try to do with the settings, help?

I’ve asked in the discord server and I know that other people have gotten it to run, but no matter what I do it always crashes when trying to load the title screen. I’ve tried both mainline and early access, turning assembly shaders on and off, creating a new yuzu profile, switching from opengl to vulcan, but nothing works. Does anyone know how to fix this?yuzu_log.txt (37.8 KB)

Do not expect miracles from Yuzu, it is not Perfect yet, in do time will be almost Perfect.

Sorry, I forgot to specify that I know it can work given I’ve seen videos of it and a person in the discord server has it run completely fine for months with no regressions. I just don’t get why it works for some but not others