Lag for Pokemon Ultra Moon

Is there any person that knows how to speed up the game by using more resources on your computer? My computer is handling it really well, I can almost triple the resource values. but it is really laggy and slow, so I ask if there is a way to speed up the speed and the game FPS. If anyone knows, it will be quite appreciative. Whoever read this, thank you.

Citra is currently in very early stages of development. Games usually run less than full-speed even on the best computers. Expect bugs and glitches to appear in most games. Many features for a more stable emulation are still in the works. For any major updates, please visit our Homepage.

Thank you, and when do you suppose a more stable version is going to launch?

That was a general warning that Citra is still in development and you shouldn’t expect full speed emulation for all games.

We don’t know your computer specs (or the exact framerate you’re getting), so the best recommendation from me is to get the Canary version if you’re using Nightly right now.