Language topics in the group

I wanted to tell them that I find it unfair to have to shut up people who speak Spanish

all translators are bad, or not very good unu

should change the rules or put someone as an administrator who is Hispanic or bilingual
thanks :v

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I don’t think so… so many users who write in spanish are rude or arrogant, they want solutions in SPANISH yes or yes, it’s like an order. A unique language in this forum helps to understand posts, identify the problem and find the solution.

Yo también hablo español y me pongo en contra, al menos a mi no me afecta me da curiosidad aprender este idioma y los términos que usen acerca del citra en ese idioma. Injusto o no, es un idioma estándar que ayuda a tener orden, de no ser así los foros estarían llenos de publicaciones en árabe o español solo rellenando y dejando de lado a tal vez publicaciones que si valga la pena saber y ayudar. (I also speak Spanish and I am against it, at least it does not affect me I am curious to learn this language and the terms they use about citra in that language. Unfair or not, it is a standard language that helps to have order, otherwise the forums would be full of posts in Arabic or Spanish only filling in and perhaps leaving out posts that are worth knowing and helping.)


I was angry because I saw that a guy who had not said a bad word asked for help and in SPANISH, they put him “only in English” and ignored him

It is unfair

We only offer support in English because the Citra community is international. When users use the search function on the forums, they should be able to understand the solutions to the problems other users had regardless what their mothertongue is.

Sorry if you find it unfair. From what I have seen, many abandon their thread after they have been told to provide even an English machine translation to their message :confused:

In my opinion, if you do not know English yet - you have to step up and do your best to learn it as soon as possible as it will be a very important skill to have today. We do not only communicate within our own country anymore thanks to the internet. There are free online resources you can use, you only need willpower and time to learn. I hope more realize how important English is, especially in 2020. Do not lag behind.

English is somewhat complicated for someone who does not speak it native :v

My main language is Swedish and I only use English on the internet, I’m currently learning Japanese on my own using free online resources. There are many who teaches Japanese in English so for me knowing English fluently helped me greatly in this regard :stuck_out_tongue:

I learnt most of my English through video games when I was growing up in the early 1990s, there was no internet yet (for most people). You should have it much easier today thanks to YouTube etc.

Bara för att visa lite hur mitt språk ser ut, så märker du att det är inte likt engelska ett dugg. Som jag upplever det, hittar många på ursäkter :stuck_out_tongue:
(Just to show a bit how my language look like, you will notice it is completely different from English. From my point of view, a lot are just making excuses :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well anyway, it’s just my opinion you are free to disagree. There should be a ton of Spanish channels on YouTube that teaches English. Once you become fluent, many new doors will open for you.