Last known build to run Devil Survivor OC?

So it’s been a while since Devil Survivor Overclocked just stopped booting completely (black screen and permanent looping of intro audio.) A long time ago it would only loop twice, but work afterwards.

I’ve tried finding an older build that worked after two loops, but I don’t want to go too far back. I’d prefer to find a build right before it broke. Is there any chance anyone remembers or has tested builds for this specific reason?

I used to make backups for each big milestone, but lost it all after reformatting. FeelsBadMan

I’ve done some testing and found the last Canary build that worked. I went back 10 builds at a time until I found one that worked, then went up 1 until it stopped booting.

canary-156 [0c69c5f] = Works after 2 loops (turn off Frame Limiter for almost instant boot, back on afterwards)
canary-158 [619276c] = Permanent looping (doesn’t matter what you do)

It sucks to go that far back, but at least it works.

for the future if this happens again, the fastest way to find a broken build is to do the following. you just need to know a build from when it was last working and a build after it stopped working. for this test since you just remember it was a long time ago, you can just pick the first canary build (canary 8) and the latest build canary 428.

  1. with a known working build and a known not working one, pick the build in the middle. so about build 200
  2. test if it works or not
  3. if it works, then go back to step one, but now pick a build half way between 200 and 428
  4. if it doesn’t, then go back to step one, but pick a build half way between 8 and 200

if you did it like this, you’d test the following builds:
8 and 428 (to see that they both work and don’t work respectively)
200 (doesn’t work so pick between 8 and 200)
100 (works so pick between 100 and 200)
150 (and so on…)
157 (if it existed)

which is way way faster than testing every ten builds :slight_smile:


I definitely picked the painfully time-consuming option… I never thought of doing it that way :sweat_smile:

Though thinking about it, I feel it was worth it in the end. Just in case there was a small period of time that a few newish builds fixed the problem but it came back shortly after.

Isn’t that called a binary search bisection? I actually used this in point plane intersections.

Yes, this method is used in binary search trees, and is how Git’s bisection feature works.

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