Lastest Citra update made performance worst

I have no idea what was changed in the lastest update that was made today some hours ago,but my performance in Pokémon Omega Ruby got worse.Yesterday I was getting 40+fps outside houses,but today when the game can’t hit 60 it simply drops to 30! Vsync isn’t enabled here nor in nvidia control panel. Where I can download the older version?
Update: I noticed that it doesn’t drop to 30 cause it’s limited,it drops to 30fps randomly,no reason for that specific FPS. but the problem is still real: I was running it better yesterday,and I believe a 4ghz processor should be running better anyway

Canary or Nightly? In the mean time, the download page has the option to manually download older versions.

Nightly. I saw that,but the oldest version I can download is one uploaded 14 hours ago,and I think mine was the one before that. But I tried downloading that one and the FPS still is worst than before. I don’t get how a FX-8300 with 4ghz can’t get at least 75% of the speed outside buildings

Can you try nightly #455 from our GitHub releases? We have another report of a slowdown and they said this was the last version without it.

Wow thanks man! Tested it and for sure has a better performance,Im getting 50fps outside buildings,it’s almost perfectly smooth! Not sure if this was the exactly version that I had,don’t have time to try the newer ones now,but something was changed after this version that screwed up my performance,maybe it’s related to AMD FX series. My setup is: AMD FX-8300 4ghz with a GTX 1050 TI 4gb,maybe that helps

Not related with AMD FX series entirely but it did hit old processors hard enough to have performance significantly reduced. I have debug the issue and I know what causes the slow down. Already notified to the relevant developer about this issue. But you’re not the 1st one who discover it.

Good. Is there any sort of changelog about updates? Because when it auto updates the program it simply says the new version number. I think there should be a changelog. Not technical like “changed that codes to that codes”,but things lile “fixed performance in older processors”

For every nightly release, there is a brief changelog listed below the download links.

If you want to keep up with some sort of a summary of changes you can follow here:

Bear in mind that you might not understand some of the changelog but you can safely ignore.